Brief introduction of China (Foshan) Cross-Border E-Commerce Comprehensive Experimental Zone

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In December 2019, the State Council issued Guo Han [2019] No. 137, agreeing to establish China (Foshan) cross- border e-commerce comprehensive experimentalpilot zone, and the people's Government of Guangdong Province is responsible for printing and distributing the specific implementation. The construction of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive experimental zonecomprehensive pilot area in Foshan will focus on exploring replicable and propagable experiences for the country from two aspects.
First, to establish a new model of cross-border e-commerce in the manufacturing industry. We will rely on the manufacturing advantages of Foshan, drive the integration and innovation betweenof traditional advantagesuperior industries and cross-border e-commerce, enlarge the transactional scale of cross-border B2C and B2B2C transactions, focus on exploring the cross-border e-commerce B2B mode, explore and push the innovation mode of M2b, F2C, M2C, c2m and other cross-border e-commerce directly connected with overseas retailers and consumers by manufacturers, and achieverealize onlinereceiving orders receivingonline, offline production and distribution, which will effectively be powerful The ccombine the powerfulombination of Foshan manufacturing, overseas warehouse, overseas logistics and overseas after-sales, providesprovide valuable reference for the transformation and upgrading of many domestic industrial cities of the same type, and opens a new way for the transformation and upgrading of national manufacturing industry.
Second, to establish a integrated supervision service system for cross-border e-commerce. Guided by integrated supervision and service, relying on Foshan cross-border e-commerce public service platform, we will explore the establishment and improvement of management system, laws and regulations system, standardization system and service system to adapt to the development of cross-border e-commerce. At the same time, we will promote the development of Foshan's local cross-border e-commerce integrated service platform, achieve the facilitation, high efficiency, supervision and traceability of cross-border e-commerce business, and, for every links of the cross-border e-commerce industry chain, provide cross-industrial, trans-regional, normative, sunshine and multi-functional cross-border e-commerce integrated service environment, so as to establish a complete cross-border e-commerce integrated service system.
Foshan Guotong bonded logistics center, Foshan cross border e-commerce customs clearance center, Nanhai Guijiang port cross border e-commerce logistics park, Sanshui port cross border e-commerce logistics park.
E-commerce enterprises engaged in cross-border e-commerce import and export, cross-border e-commerce platform enterprises, international logistics enterprises, third-party cross-border service enterprises, etc.U

Fast customs clearance: Under the unified deployment of the General Administration of customs, through "regular declaration", optimize the processes among the customs, state tax, external management, e-commerce enterprises, logistics enterprises, etc. in the park by means of information technology, so as to realize the paperless whole process of customs clearance;

Standard settlement of foreign exchange: According to the relevant regulations, the income from export collection of enterprises can be settled through banks;

Export tax rebate: Fully enjoy the national export tax rebate policy and improve the business space of enterprises;

Overseas direct purchase: Direct delivery of goods from overseas to consumers, reducing circulation links and enhancing timeliness;

Bonded import: Merchants prepare bonded warehouses in advance, reduce logistics costs and circulation links, and enhance timeliness;

Others: The identified enterprises in the park can also enjoy more preferential policies.

E-commerce enterprises:

(1) The enterprise shall actually engage in the business of selling commodities to consumers in China through the Internet;

(2) The enterprise shall submit the order information to the customs before the declaration of the goods and articles entering the territory of e-commerce.

E-commerce platform enterprises:

(1) Enterprises need to have the ability to connect and transmit data with online integrated service platform;

(2) The enterprise shall be responsible for informing consumers to transfer their personal information for customs declaration and other purposes;

(3) The enterprise and Foshan cross-border e-commerce public service platform complete data docking, and can send the original order data to the customs.

Payment enterprise:

(1) The enterprise shall have the payment business license issued by the people's Bank of China, and the payment business scope shall include "Internet payment";

(2) Through Foshan cross-border e-commerce public service platform, enterprises realize the interconnection of consumer payment information and customs;

(3) The enterprise shall promise to submit the original payment information to the customs before the declaration of goods and articles entering the territory of e-commerce on the basis of the entrustment of consumers.

Logistics enterprises:

(1) Enterprises must have international mail, express, freight operation qualification;

(2) The enterprise needs to have an information-based operation system and connect with the customs through Foshan cross-border e-commerce public service platform;

(3) The enterprise shall promise to submit the original logistics information to the customs before the declaration of goods and articles entering the territory of e-commerce.

1、Business Negotiation: Negotiate with the park about the business situation and confirm the cooperation intention (for those who need to settle in the park, determine the office space and storage mode);

2、Qualification preparation:

(1) Record registration of foreign trade operators and customs registration in Foshan sub platform of China (Guangdong) international trade single window;

(2)Apply for China E-port access and make corporate card and operator card;

3、Handling of margin account: Handling the opening of margin account at the on-site customs counter;

4、Preparation before access: Contact Foshan E-port company to confirm the way of application for additional signature and apply for data exchange;

Data connection: Develop message according to customs declaration requirements and connect with Foshan cross border e-commerce public service platform.

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